In order to achieve the results our clients, and we expect, we need to have quality control systems in place. These systems are used not as sticks to remonstrate an employee, but as tools for continued improvement.

Trained With
Security In Mind

We take security very seriously at MCC, not only for our customers, but for our employees as well. Part of onboarding with MCC is our security protocols for all of our customers. Our employees go through a background check prior to being placed in any account. We are fully bonded and insured.

Daily & Weekly Inspections

MCC utilizes a two-part inspection system in order to ensure that our work is performed to the high standard we've set for ourselves. Daily inspections are conducted by site supervisors in order to inspect for quality of work, record when work is performed, and to identify potential areas to improve. Separate, weekly, inspections are performed off-site in order to offer a fresh outside perspective on our contracts and to provide the site supervisers with weekly feedback.


The Log Book is a vital communication tool. It records needs or issues, and is a constant two-way communication path between MCC and its clients