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MCC Employee Training Program

We want our employees to shine as brightly as your floors do. That’s why we take training so seriously. Here is an overview of the MCC Employee Training Program.
New Hire Training
¨     Company policies
¨     MCC’s Mission
¨     Management role and structure
¨     Blood Borne Pathogen
¨     Personal Protection Equipment
¨     Right To Know
¨     MSDS
¨     Cleaning chemicals
¨     Emergency procedures
Primary Training
¨     Bathrooms
¨     Office cleaning
¨     Daily floor care
¨     Equipment
¨     Cleaning chemicals
Advanced Training
¨     Vinyl floor restoration
¨     Carpet extraction, and stain removal
¨     Clean room procedures
¨     Upholstery cleaning
Monthly Training Classes
¨     Equipment use and maintenance
¨     Cleaning a bathroom
¨     Custom cleaning
¨     Vinyl floor care; chemicals, pads, equipment
¨     Carpet care; spot cleaning
¨     Emergency procedures
On-the-Job Training
The site supervisors and operations managers check on an employees need for re-training by monitoring the Customer Evaluation Forms. These forms will show any repeated problems quickly, and action can be taken to resolve any potential problems.
Management Programs
MCC encourages our management team to continue its education, and provides opportunities to attend seminars and courses to advance their skills. Some areas of particular interest are time management, quality control, training the trainer, personnel management.