Proposal Process

Our Guarantee:
The hours we quote are the hours we commit to your business. We track and confirm our employees through a time clock and log-in book.
90-Day Review:
The proposal is subject to review at ninety (90) days. We will meet with you and revisit all cleaning services and timeframes allotted..

We have several cleaning programs that can be tailored to your business needs. We will discuss your facility's cleaning service requirements and create a detailed proposal that is transparent. Proposal includes:
  • Transition period: MCC anticipates a fluid and non-disruptive transition once the bid is awarded. Prior to start, all MCC employees will have been trained in accordance with your commercial cleaning needs and requirements.
  • Medical Facilities: MCC employees are trained in Safety Procedures, Blood-borne Pathogens, and Haz-Com.
  • Staffing plans
  • Detailed summary of daily/weekly cleaning services
  • Areas of responsibility for cleaning personnel, with individual and total work hours per week specified.